Developing Executive Presence for women

Achieve success in the professional wolrd

Welcome to our seminar on Developing Executive Presence for Women!

This program is designed to empower women to take charge of their careers and achieve success in the professional world.


  • Develop your personal presence: You'll learn how to project confidence, charisma, and professionalism, and how to make a lasting impression on others. You will also learn how to use your personal style to enhance your executive presence.

  •  Learn to communicate with confidence and competence: You'll learn how to communicate effectively and persuasively, and how to use verbal and nonverbal cues to convey confidence and competence.


  • Develop verbal and nonverbal confidence: You'll learn how to use body language and tone of voice to project confidence and authority, and how to overcome nervous habits that can undermine your executive presence.

  •  Persuade people of your ideas: You'll learn how to use strategies and techniques to persuade others of your ideas, and how to use persuasive words effectively to make your message more compelling and convincing.



  • This seminar will provide you with the tools, strategies, and practical advice you need to succeed. You will also have the opportunity to network with other like-minded women and gain valuable insights and inspiration from your peers.

Jillian Anderton

Born and raised in New Zealand, my international experience began when I attended the United World College in Singapore, gaining an International Baccalaureate and then a double degree (BA) in Sociology and Business Law from Canterbury University.


My first career was in the theatre. I spent several years as a soloist for opera companies in both Australasia and Germany, including Opera Australia, Staatsoper Dortmund, Dresden and the Komische Oper Berlin. This theatre background has given me a unique stance on communication, particularly in terms of non-verbal communication, expressing presence and positive power dynamics to others. My enthusiasm for language, experience of acting technique and core communication skills led me to extend my horizon beyond the world of opera into training and coaching. I subsequently gained a Master of Science in Linguistics from Oxford University and became a certified Trainer and Coach for Intercultural Competencies (Humboldt University’s artop Institute). I am a member of the Deutsche Verband für Coaching und Training e.V (dvct) and a staff member at the TU Darmstadt. I have worked as a trainer and consultant for the Haufe Akademie since 2013. I am also an MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) trainer and incorporate these techniques where appropriate. Finally, my experience of linguistic subtleties, both verbal and non-verbal communicative techniques and the 10 years I have spent working with business in Germany is of unique benefit to my clients.


On a more personal note, I love going to the theatre, travelling around Europe and visiting New Zealand, cooking with friends and being outdoors in all kinds of weather!

Jillian Anderton

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